Dullah Omar Institute hosts Ugandan Land Inquiry Visit to South Africa 2018

The Ugandan government is undergoing a legal process to reform the law, policy and practices related to four key areas of land, namely: land acquisition, land administration, land management and land registration.

A commission of inquiry was established during 2017, namely, the Land Inquiry 2017 to provide recommendations and guidance for the law reform process. The Land Inquiry 2017 therefore undertook a benchmarking visit to the Republic of South Africa to learn from our law reform process, which our country underwent in transitioning from the apartheid system of government to the democratic state.

The benchmarking was coordinated by the Dullah Omar Institute (DOI) with the aim of providing the Ugandan Land Inquiry the opportunity to learn best practices as well as the obstacles confronting land related matters in South Africa. The event comprised two site visits, three engagements with state institutions, two academic seminars and an expert and activist conference.

The concept document, full programme, and expert & activist programme for the benchmarking can be accessed here.

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