DOI staff offline
Author: Jaap
Published: Jul 23, 2020

The Dullah Omar Institute will be offline from 24 July 2020 until 28 July 2020.

Webinar: Our Voices Matter - Impact of Covid-19
Author: Keathela
Published: Jun 15, 2020

The Socio-economic Rights Project at the Dullah Omar Institute, University of the Western Cape is organizing a webinar titled ‘Our Voices Matter’ to discuss the impact of the measures adopted by the government to address COVID-19 pandemic on the lived experiences of people in informal settlements in Cape Town.

Specialised Masters and PhD Programme in Multilevel Government and Local Government
Author: Jaap
Published: Jun 07, 2020

The South African Research Chair in Multilevel Government, situated in the Dullah Omar Institute (DOI), offers high quality Masters and PhD programmes in multilevel government and local government. These programmes deal with questions such as: how are multilevel states designed? how are powers divided? how are the finances allocated to provincial and local governments? how does national government supervise subnational governments? They also deal with pertinent issues relating to the rule of law and good governance. Both programmes combine legal and constitutional studies with other disciplines, such as political science, public administration and finances. Applications are open for both admission and financial support in 2021.

DOI Staff Members Working Remotely
Author: Dullah Omar Institute
Published: Apr 02, 2020

The Dullah Omar Institute’s staff members are working remotely and are available during working hours. Please contact all staff via email.

Postponement of the African School on Decentralisation 2020
Author: Dullah Omar Institute
Published: Mar 30, 2020

Due to the spike in the spread of Corona Virus across the continent in the last couple of weeks, various measures have been adopted by various countries in order to control the spread of the disease. Some of these measures include lockdowns, the closure of borders, cancellation of flights and denial of visas and entry for nationals of affected countries.

Budget Justice Coalition asks whose budget is it anyway?
Author: Keathela
Published: Feb 26, 2020

In the State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Ramaphosa emphasised the value of social compacts, yet he also announced that there will be reductions in expenditure. Budget Justice Coalition (BJC) worries that the President Ramaphosa’s notion of a social compact in the 2020 State of the Nation Address (SONA) will mean that low-income households and vulnerable groups will have to disproportionately shoulder the costs of “turning this economy around”. The BJC is convinced that the current spending trajectory does not prioritise the demands of a developmental state nor will it result in building much-needed state capacity.