The DOI unpacks constitutionalisation of local government in the Southern African

Yesterday, the Dullah Omar Institute (DOI) hosted seminar for a group of public administration students from the University of Kehl in Germany. The topic discussed at this seminar was - Constitutionalisation of local government in the Southern African Region: Status, relevance and challenges.

The speakers at this seminar were, Prof Gert Fieguth from the University of Kehl, Prof Chris Tapscott and Dr Leon Pretorius, both from the School of Government (UWC), as well as Prof Nico Steytler, Prof Jaap de Visser, Dr Tinashe Chigwata, Mr Frank Kunda and Mr Alois Madhekeni, all from the DOI.

The seminar looked at the fact that most countries in the Southern African region are moving towards recognising the place and role of local government in their respective constitutions. For instance, the South African Constitution of 1996, the Zimbabwean Constitution of 2013, and the Zambian Constitution of 2016, all provide varying recognition of the place and role of local government.

It sought to answer  some of the following questions. What are the historical backgrounding factors which informed the move towards constitutionalisation of local government in respective countries? What is the significance of such constitutionalisation? Has such constitutionalisation improved the system of local government to meet its service delivery obligations and development mandate? What are some of the challenges for public administration which comes with such constitutionalisation?

Please follow this link to see more pictures of this seminar.