Certificate Course on Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act

The legal framework for spatial planning and land use management has changed dramatically over the past few years. A new law, the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act now guides the way national, provincial and local governments plan and manage land use. Municipalities are now at the centre of deciding land use applications.

Jaap de Visser (Director: Dullah Omar Institute) and Stephen Berrisford (Adjunct Professor, African Centre for Cities, UCT) will conduct an intensive training course on the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013. The course will take place from 11 – 12 May at the Sunnyside Park Hotel in Johannesburg. The course will cover:

  • historical background to planning law in SA, 1910 to 2014;
  • current constitutional questions;
  • challenges of alignment with other legislation; and
  • compliance with SPLUMA (complying with SPLUMA as a framework law; SPLUMA in relation to provincial laws; SPLUMA principles; decision-making under SPLUMA; compliance with chapter 4: spatial development frameworks; compliance with chapter 5: land use management; compliance with chapter 6: land development management; and Appeals).

This course is designed to equip practitioners in the planning and legal professions, in private and government practice and civil society, to meet the challenges of implementing the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013. The Act introduces far-reaching changes to the legal and institutional framework for urban and regional planning in South Africa.

A comprehensive course brochure is attached, as well as a registration form. For any administrative questions please contact Heidi Tait at the CPD programme of UCT’s Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (heidi.tait@uct.ac.za 021 6504922).