SERP unpacks the link between elections and service delivery for Community leaders

On 20 and 21 February 2019, the Socio-Economic Rights project hosted a Community Leaders Workshop. Given the important roles community leaders play in facilitating and realising access to justice for vulnerable and marginalised groups in society, the aim of this workshop was to empower community leaders by equipping them with information on the link between elections and service delivery.

Speakers at this workshop were Adv Lloyd Lotz from the South African Human Rights Commission, who shared with the community leaders the importance of citizen participation in elections in South Africa. He was joined by  Ntebaleng Morake from Social Justice Coalition whose topic was Political manifestos: Practical example of holding political leaders accountable to realisation of service delivery.

Cherrel Africa and Fiona Anciano from the University of the Western Cape who shared insights service delivery and community engagement. Motlatsi Komote from the Dyllah Omar Institute focused on Women and elections in South Africa and Damaris Kiewiets  from University of the Western Cape gave insights on the role of community leaders in mobilising for elections.

The Dullah Omar Institute has been hosting a series of Community Leaders Workshops (2016-2018) with the objective of empowering and raising awareness on human rights and social justice. These workshops also offer a platform for various community leaders and community activists with different backgrounds to discuss, network and share their knowledge on human rights and social justice in South Africa.