SA civil society finalises alternate report to UNCROC

On 20 January, the Dullah Omar Institute’s Women and Democracy Initiative organised a meeting for South African Alternate Report Coalition (SAARC) to agree on the main points for the presentation to the United Nations Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC). The meeting was followed by a smaller meeting of those who will be going to Geneva in February to introduce them to child participants.

The goal for the meeting was for the SAARC to further strategise to identify the overarching priority issues for children's rights in SA so that the civil society could prepare a succinct input for the UNCROC. Given that they will all need to cover the issues they have in a single 15 minute time slot.

The meeting also allowed the civil society  to plan for how the initial input will be made and by whom among SA civil society organisations, and to discuss and agree on the priorities relating to the full range of child rights issues to inform the question and answer session.