Recent Developments in two Court Interventions

Socio-Economic Rights Project, Community Law Centre has been involved in two cases as amicus: Equalisation of Pensional Age between men and women and Right to Adequate Housing and Evictions.
  1. Occupiers of 51 Olivia Road Berea Township and 197 Main Street Johannesburg v City of Johannesburg and Others Case No: CCT 24/07 (CC). The case was heard on 28 August 2007. Access the Constitutional Court heads of arguments.
  2. Christian Roberts and Others v. Minister for Social Development and Others Case No: 32838/05. The case was heard in the Transvaal Provincial Division on 11-12 September 2007.The 1st and 2nd amici are the Community Law Centre and Centre for Applied Legal Studies. Access the heads of argument.