Kenya-South Africa Dialogue on Devolution book launched

The book Kenya-South Africa Dialogue on Devolution, edited by Professors Nico Steytler and Yash Pal Ghai, was launched on 23 March 2016 at the Katiba Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. The 500 page volume brought together nine South African authors with nine Kenyan counterparts to examine the various aspect of devolution in both countries. The value of the publication lies in how the experience of 20 years of devolution in South Africa can assist in the development of devolution in Kenya, seen in the light that the Kenyan Constitution liberally borrowed from the South African Constitution.

The book is not only of value for Kenya where it will now be widely disseminated, but also for other countries embarking on a devolution project. Already the 40 high ranking Somali politicians and officials received copies during a training workshop, organised by the Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Forum of Federations, held in Nairobi, Kenya, 21 to 24 March 2016, on intergovernmental relations and cooperative government.

At the launch, the former Somali Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs, Abdullahi Godah Barre, spoke  about the value for his country of comparative experiences with devolution as his country seeks to rebuild the state along federal lines and are looking for answers to the many challenges they face.