Jaap de Visser shares SA experience on provincial government in Nepal

Prof Jaap de Visser is taking part in a programme to raise awareness and conduct citizen education around federalism in Nepal. In 2015, Nepal adopted a Constitution creates national, provincial and local levels of government. This was done to accommodate the multitude of ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures in Nepal and to facilitate more responsive government. Nepal is now faced with the mammoth task of implementing this new Constitution.

A number of countries in Africa, including South Africa, have undergone similar change from centralised to decentralised rule. Issues such as sharing power, demarcating provincial boundaries and securing women’s representation are high on the agenda in both Nepal, South Africa and elsewhere.
The Forum of Federations appointed Prof De Visser to share his experience with various audiences in Nepal. On 16 and 17 February he engaged a group of journalists in Naga rkot and on 18 February he addressed a Civic Forum on Federalism in Bardibaas.