Jaap de Visser provides expert input to Ugandan Commission of Inquiry

The Ugandan Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters is tasked by President Museveni to propose reforms to the land sector. Land administration in Uganda is plagued by corruption, land use is often uncontrolled and tenure systems are collapsing.

Prof Jaap de Visser was requested to brief the Commission on South Africa's experience with land use regulation. He explained the problematic history of land use regulation to force segregation, how land use is regulated in urban and rural settings and the  impact of the 2013 Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act.

The Commission's Chair, Lord Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, expressed her gratitude for Prof De Visser's expert input which, she says, greatly assisted the Commission. 

Dr Douglas Singiza, a former doctoral researcher at the Institute, is the Assistant Secretary to the Commission.