Jaap de Visser addresses Parliament on intergovernmental relations

On 9 February, Prof Jaap de Visser, the director of Dullah Omar Institute, delivered a presentation duringva workshop organised by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). The NCOP, as the house of Parliament that brings together nine provinces and organised local government, plays a critical, but often underestimated role. Prof De Visser discussed the role of the NCOP in the adoption of national legislation and its role in holding the national executive accountable.

He emphasised that the NCOP must focus on the impact that proposed laws will have on provinces and municipalities. This function is critical, given the concerns about the ability and resources of provinces and municipalities to implement national laws. In addition, new legislation may have unintended consequences for provinces and municipalities, which the NCOP must address when it assesses new Bills.

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