The Dullah Omar Institute of the University of the Western Cape in conjunction with the African Centre of Excellence for Access to Justice will hold an inception meeting concerning Research on Community Based Paralegals in Africa. This will take place at Onomo Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda from 21-22 February 2020.

The proposed research, that will form the agenda at the meeting, seeks to understand the nature, types and dynamics of Community Based Paralegals (CBPs) as a whole. At its core, the research seeks to understand the regulation of CBPs in six selected African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. The participants will discuss the legal recognition of paralegals in Africa, drawing on the lessons, challenges and best practices with regard to CBPs.

Some of the key activities will include an overview of the research with an emphasis on the rationale, objectives, its methodology and an engaged discussion on the research phases. To follow the conversation online, one may follow #AccessToJustice and #ParalegalsAfrica on twitter or the posts on the Dullah Omar Institute’s Facebook page.