How will Zimbabwe’s new Constitution change provincial and local government?

Zimbabwe has adopted a Constitution and is getting ready for presidential, parliamentary and local elections scheduled for the 31st of July.

The question is whether the elections for provincial and local government offices will be constitutional without changes not only to the current electoral laws but also to provincial and local government laws.

The required reforms relate to issues such as abolishing the national government’s power to appoint and dismiss councillors, mayors and chairpersons, changing the rules for the establishment and composition of provincial and metropolitan councils and establishing new rules for the election and dismissal of chairpersons of provincial and metropolitan councils.

Many of these reforms will trim the powers of the President and the Minister of Local Government. Aside from the changes necessary to have valid elections on the 31st of July, the article argues that the new Constitution requires large scale reforms to the structure of the Zimbabwean state. Whatever government will assume office after 31stof July, it will have to lead a policy reform process to follow through on the ambition of the Constitution towards greater local democracy.

The complete document on this issue can be found HERE.