Expert shares findings of Commission of Inquiry into Land in Uganda

Yesterday, the SARChI Chair in Multilevel Government, Law & Policy hosted a Policy Dialogue featuring, Dr Douglas Singiza, who shared the reflections of 18 months of investigation of the Commission of Inquiry into Land in Uganda.

At this dialogue he was in conversation with Prof Jaap de Visser, Director of the Dullah Omar Institute and Ms Shehaam Johnstone, Doctoral Researcher at the Dullah Omar Institute, to discuss his experiences in assisting the Commission.

The Commission was tasked to investigate the law, processes and procedures by which land is administered and registered in Uganda. It also looked at the effectiveness of the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) in administering public land and the Land Fund and he effectiveness of the relevant bodies in the preservation of wetlands, forests and game reserves and examine ways in which the challenge of human habitation in those areas can be resolved.  

Dr Singiza shared talked about the role of traditional, cultural and religious institutions who own large tracts of land with occupants in a bid to enhance better landlord/tenant relationships. He also touched on the legal and policy framework on Government land acquisition, as well as the effectiveness of the dispute resolution mechanisms available to persons involved in land disputes.

He is a Research Fellow at the Uganda Judicial Training Institute (JTI), and a serving Chief Magistrate. He currently serves as the Secretary to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters in Uganda.