Dr Nanima takes part in a knowledge exchange on children affected by armed conflict

Dr Robert Nanima presented a paper on 'The Situation of Children affected by armed conflict in Africa: A review of progress made from the Graca Machel Report 1996 to date' at the Knowledge Exchange organised by Save the Children in Uganda.

The event on 'Pushing the Boundaries on children affected by armed conflict (CAAC) Accountability Learning and Knowledge Exchange Event 2019' took place from 22- 24 September 2019 at Imperial Golf Course Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda. 

The presentation examined the trends from Graca Machel Report to date in terms of the normative, jurisprudential and other activities especially by the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. The discussions interrogated the current trends in armed conflict and the responses that the Committee has used in dealing with the impact of armed conflict on boys and girls.  

The aim of the event was to build consensus towards approaches aimed at bridging identified gaps in the efficacy of accountability mechanisms that address violations against children affected by armed conflict in Africa.

Specific objectives of this knowledge exchange included: 

  1. Understanding child protection in the context of Peace Support Operations and the status of existing accountability mechanisms in Africa.
  2. To interrogate the findings of the Mapping and Piloting of Child Protection Accountability Mechanisms in Armed Conflict in Africa undertaken by Save the Children and the engagement of various actors with a role in child protection and children’s rights on the proposed recommendations.
  3. To share best practices from countries with functional processes and structures that monitor and address child rights violations within the context of peace support operations.