DOI co-hosts doctoral colloquium at Addis Ababa University

On 3 and 5 December, nine doctoral students from the Centre for Federal Studies (Addis Ababa University) presented parts of their dissertations at a doctoral colloquium. Each student presented a chapter, received feedback and engaged in debate with peers.

The colloquium combined lively debate with constructive guidance on issues such as the effects of single party dominance, land dispossession, mother tongue education and local government.

It is the result of a collaboration between the Dullah Omar Institute (UWC), the Centre for Federal Studies (Addis Ababa University), the Institute of Federalism (Fribourg University) and the Institute of Federal and Regional Studies (European Academy). All four organisations are involved in teaching and supervising doctoral students at AAU.

This collaboration represents a unique network of institutions and scholars that support the African academic enterprise on multilevel government.