Bursary opportunity at Community Law Centre!

An exciting opportunity has opened up at the Community Law Centre, the Law Faculty’s research and advocacy unit. We are offering a bursary to study towards an LLM or an MPhil in Law, State and Multilevel Government.

 The bursary is sponsored by the Centre of Excellence in Food which is hosted by University of the Western Cape and the University of Pretoria. If you obtain this bursary, your Masters studies in 2015 will be paid for by the Community Law Centre.

The student will have to complete 3 modules, conduct an internship in government and write a research paper about food security or food safety and multilevel government under Prof Jaap de Visser’s supervision.
The three modules are:
• Multilevel Government (offered by Prof Nico Steytler, South African Research Chair in Multilevel Government)
• Local Government (offered by Prof Jaap de Visser, Director, Community Law Centre)
• Rule of Law and Good Governance (offered by Dr Derek Powell)

The internship is a three months full-time stint, working for the South African Local Government Association, a provincial department or the Financial and Fiscal Commission.