ANC, DA and EFF forced to govern together?

The director of the Dullah Omar Institute Prof Jaap de Visser, published an article on the Conversation titled: South Africa’s politicians will have to adjust to many more coalitions, looking at the upcoming local government elections. In this article he argues that it is likely that there will be more 'hung councils', i.e. councils without an outright majority. In these municipalities, coalitions will have to be formed.

He argues that in some of those instances, the opposing parties such as the ANC, DA and the EFF will be forced by law to govern together. He says this year’s local government elections in South Africa are likely to produce shifts in power at municipal level.

They will be the fourth local government elections since a new system of local government was adopted under the post-1994 constitutional framework. The polls are expected to be contentious, particularly in the country’s eight metropolitan municipalities.

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