Sauda Nabukenya - Kyambogo University- Uganda, Lecturer

Why Constitutions in Africa do not Stand the Test of Time: Lessons and Perspectives from the 1995 Uganda's Constitution

1990 unprecedented wave of newly crafted constitutions in Africa. Over 50 nations in Africa either rewrote or modified their Constitutions. Uganda was one of the countries that rewrote their constitution in 1995. Constitution-making exercise went through consultative and non-consultative constitution making processes. The contention of this paper is that context matters - the specific context in which the constitution is conceived, draft formulated debated and promulgated will be examined.

About Sauda Nabukenya
Sauda Nabukenya is a lecturer at Kyambogo University in the Department of History and Political Science where she has taught since 2001. Sauda has a Bachelor of Arts with Education degree and also holds a Master of Arts in History Degree of Makerere University. Currently she is pursuing her PhD at Makerere University in Peace and conflict studies.


Draft conference paper can be accessed HERE. Note this is draft only not for quotation purposes.