Justin Ngambu Wanki, University of Pretoria, LLD Candidate

The place of the Judicial Review mechanism in a majoritarian democracy under a regime of Presidential absolutism: The case of Cameroon

Analysis of the impotence of the judicial review mechanism in Cameroon since the creation of the Constitutional Council. Evinces a long standing pedegree of a notorious conduct of Cameroon's Constitutions in embedding such ostensible organs which lack the clout to set aside which is unconstitutional. Analyses the important of the potency of the judicial review mechanism in addressing the unconstitutionality of legislative action in line with its jurisdiction in US and the reason for its introduction in the Firth French Republic's Constitution of 1958.

About Justin Ngambu Wanki
Justin Ngambu Wanki obtained my Licence en droit (LLB) from the University of Yaounde ii Soa in 2002. In 2003, he obtained my Maitrice en droit (Post-graduate Diploma) in Business law from Yaounde ii Soa and he later on worked as a Legal Consultant with a Law Firm in Douala (Cabinet Marie-Andree Ngwe). He also has LLM (Multi-disciplinary Human Rights) from the University of Pretoria. In 2012, he enrolled for and LLD degree still at the University of Pretoria. Pending my oral examination for that programme, and he enrolled for another post- graduate diploma with the University of Fordham-New York where he with an International Diploma in Humanitarian Action/Assistance. He is currently doing LLD oral defence and he is also the executive director of Foundation Africa International. A non-governmental initiative with the vision of rebuilding Africa from scratch with an accent on the youth, through visionary and responsible leadership, the rule of law and democracy and home grown solutions to African problems.

Draft conference paper can be accessed HERE. Note this is draft only not for quotation purposes.