Gloria O. Akpore, University of the Gambia, Lecturer

Adoption of a viable constitutional structure for the Gambia: A need for the 21st century

This paper will suggest that it is politically expedient for people of Gambia to review the 1997 Constitution through the people sponsored national conference or a call for referendum to review the constitution in other to usher in an era of opportunity for viable democracy, peace building, compliance with international norms and standards, national pride, inclusivity, participation and transparency, mobilisation and co-ordination of a wide range of expertise and adequate follow-up of its draft and immediate implementation which are necessary in the 21st century Africa.

Gloria O. Akpore
Gloria O. Akpore is a lecturer in the departments of public law and private law at the Faculty of Law, University of the Gambia, Kaninfing campus, the Gambia. She is an International Human Rights scholar with interest in Pro bono legal services, Legal reforms, Good governance and Democracy in the Gambia.