Etienne Mutabazi, Awatkeer Law Chambers in Juba in South Sudan, Senior Counsel

The requirements for a stable constitution in South Sudan

 During the period South Sudan was still part of Sudan, the country has never had a stable constitution. The interim constitution of Southern Sudan dictated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between the South Sudan in january 2005 was drafted in a political context by a few individuals appointed by the political wing of the Sudanese People Liberation movement without any public consultation made. The commission has a challenging task of drafting a constitution that reflects the aspirations of all the people of Sudan.

About Etienne Mutabazi
Etienne Mutabazi graduated at the National University of Rwanda with a Bachelor of law; and a Master with Distinction at the University of South Africa where he also completed a Doctoral thesis focusing on the effectiveness of the United Nations ad hoc Tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia. He holds International certificates and Diploma in Crimes Investigation, Refugee Law and Contemporary Challenges and Humanitarian Assistance. He worked for 12 years as a Defence Legal Assistant at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. In February and March 2013, he travelled to South Sudan to provide legal expertise and conduct researches. He is an editing board member of Tuma Law Review.


Draft conference paper can be accessed HERE. Note this is draft only not for quotation purposes.