Dr. Linda Musumba Kenyatta University School of Law, Senior Lecturer and Founding Dean

The case for comprehensive scenario building as a means for pre-testing the articles of a proposed constitution to ensure viability post promulgation: A case study of Kenya

 The case for comprehensive scenario building as a means for pre-testing the articles of a proposal Constitution to ensure viability post promulgation. The abstract deals with the contraditions and inconsistencies inherent in it have also been flagged and particularly their potential to reverse some of the fundamental gains for Kenyans as variously constituted. The article is aimed at constitutional-making processes that would benefit from through scenario-building exercises bringing together experts in both theory and practice.


About Dr. Linda Musumba
Dr Linda Musumba is the founding Dean and now Senior Lecturer, in the Department of Public Law, Kenyatta University School of Law, Nairobi, Kenya. As founding Dean, she established the law programme at Kenyatta University to high standards since May 2008, in line with the University’s objective to set up a world class academic institution. Among other things, she led the School in achieving the prestigious position of being the first law school in Kenya to achieve full accreditation from the Council of Legal Education following a rigorous audit of its academic programme for both quality and robustness. In recognition of this achievement, she received an award from the Vice-Chancellor of the University, i.e. the ‘Extra Mile Award’. She continues to teach constitutional law, professional ethics and responsibility, and consumer protection law in the Department of Public Law. Linda completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK in 2007. Linda’s research interests lie in the area of constitutional law and gender and the law. In this regard she has undertaken research, written, and presented papers and publications for various national and international entities on the subject of rule of law and constitutional and legal reforms including the African Union, Inter-governmental Authority on Development, and various UN organisations. Linda is interested in forming and participating in useful collaborations with you in her areas of interest.


Draft conference paper can be accessed HERE. Note this is draft only not for quotation purposes.