Caroline Kago - Kenyatta University School of Law, Lecturer

Implementation of the Constitution of Kenya by county governments: The significance of Public Participation.

 Public participation in the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya should be effected at both the national level and the county level. Since devolution is a new phenomenon in Kenya, this paper will discuss the significance of public participation by county governments and how it can be realised. A comparative study of other jurisdictions such as South Africa will be undertaken in order to borrow practices that are unique for replication.

About Caroline Kago

Caroline Wanjiku Kago is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya trained at the University of the Western Cape and University of Nairobi. She is a lecturer at the Kenyatta University School of Law and the Chairperson of the Department of Private Law. She has several years of experience in the practice and teaching of law. Her research interests include Constitutional Law, Public Participation, International Trade and Investment Law and East African Community Law. Adv. Kago is currently part of the Kenyatta University School of Law legal team carrying out research on the REDD+ Project-Kenya, a project of the University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy.