Dr Aisosa Jennifer Omoruyi

Post-doctoral Researcher

Aisosa Jennifer Omoruyi is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Socio-Economic Project at the Dullah Omar Institute, based at the University of the Western Cape. She obtained her LLB from the University of Benin, Nigeria and her LLM and PhD from the University of the Western Cape. Her PhD thesis investigated the possibilities and challenges of forced sterilisation as a continuing violation of women's rights in Africa.  Prior to joining the Dullah Omar Institute in 2021, she was a Graduate Lecturing Assistant in the Faculty of Law University of the Western Cape in 2016, 2018-2019, tutoring the Law of Succession and Legal Interpretation. After that she worked as a writing coach with the Department of Post Graduate Studies, University of the Western Cape in 2020. 

Aisosa has been involved in research on the protection of children’s rights (including during armed conflict); on advancing equitable access to health care; the protection of the reproductive health and rights of women and girls; access to adequate and nutritious food; as well as legal and policy approaches to prevention of diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in South Africa. As a postdoctoral researcher, she has been involved in research and advocacy on the legal and human rights challenges in relation to the prevention of diet related NCDs in South Africa with a focus on legal and policy approaches to improving the food environment. She has also been involved in a legal analysis of cancer prevention and control frameworks in South Africa aimed at championing the need for a dedicated cancer legislation to link with other legal and human rights mechanisms to achieve equitable population-based cancer care and patient protection. The research was conducted under the auspices of the Cancer Association of South Africa on behalf of the Cancer Alliance. Based on her interest in teaching, Aisosa has also facilitated the topic ‘Right to Health’ in the Socio-economic Rights Module (SER 811) offered in the LLM programme in the Faculty of Law, University of the Western Cape.

Email: ajomoruyi@uwc.ac.za

Recent Publication

Ebenezer Durojaye, Aisosa Jennifer Omoruyi ‘Championing the right to food in South Africa: the Dullah Omar Institute's experience’ in Caraher M, Coveney J, Chopra M (Eds) Handbook of Food Security and Society (2023): 58.