Tinashe Calton Chigwata

Senior Researcher

Dr Chigwata is a Senior Researcher at the Dullah Omar Institute. He works with the SARChI Chair in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy as well as in the Applied Constitutional Studies Laboratory (ACSL). Dr Chigwata holds a PhD in Public Law from UWC. His PhD thesis analysed the potential of the multi-level (decentralised) system of government, enshrined in 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe, to promote development, deepen democracy and sustain peace. Dr Chigwata undertakes research, teaching and consultancy on local and provincial governments, multilevel government (decentralisation, federalism, comparative federalism) and other governance-related matters such as corruption. He has authored several academic publications on these areas. He is the author of the book on provincial and local government reform in Zimbabwe to be published by Juta. Dr Chigwata also manages and teaches in the LLM/MPhil in Law, State and Multi-level Government Programme offered by the Institute.