Jennica Beukes

Doctoral Researcher, Research Assistant

Jennica Beukes is a doctoral researcher and research assistant at the Dullah Omar Institute. She completed her LLB degree in 2017. She became associated with the Dullah Omar Institute in 2018 when she enrolled for the Law, State and Multilevel Government LLM course. During this time, she also interned at Stellenbosch municipality where she gained hands on experience of the procedures and processes of Local Government. The following year she graduated with her LLM degree from the University of Western Cape.

Her research for her LLD focuses on coalition governance in South African municipalities. Other research projects that she has worked on focuses on federalism, corruption in municipalities and local government in general. She has worked closely with internationally renowned scholars such as Prof de Visser and Prof Steytler who are among the leading experts in Multilevel Government.

During her free time, she also provides mentoring to postgraduate learners in other study areas such as labour law and education and democracy.