Tina Lorizzo

Adjunct Professor

Tina Lorizzo is an ACJR Research Associate working in Lusaphone Africa. Tina holds an LLM in Criminal Justice from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and a BA and LLB in Law from the University of Bologna, Italy. She is a Ph.D. candidate with the Public Law Department at UCT.

Founding member of REFORMAR – Research for Mozambique, an organisation working on human rights and criminal justice in Mozambique, through applied research, training and advocacy work. Her current interests are in prison reform, alternatives to imprisonment, victimology, police and policing and the dynamics between the state justice system and non-state mechanisms on conflict resolution in Lusaphone Africa.

Her doctoral research focuses on non-state forms of conflict resolution in relation to criminal justice in Mozambique. She also works on issues of pre-trial detention and the prohibition of torture and other ill- treatment. Tina has worked as a lawyer for the Institute for Legal Aid (Instituto Patrocinio e Assistência Jurídica, IPAJ) in Maputo. She is fluent in Portuguese.


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