Prof Henk Kummelling

Extraordinary Professor

Prof.dr. Henk Kummeling (1961) is since 1995 professor of Constitutional law and Comparative Constitutional Law at the Institute of Constitutional and Administrative law of the Utrecht University. From 1994 till 1996 he held the same chair at Tilburg University (part time). In 1988 he obtained a doctors degree at the University of Nijmegen with a thesis on Consultation in Public Law in France and the Netherlands.

In his inaugural lecture in 1997 he dealt with the problem of Secrecy Clauses in legislation. He published on several subjects, for instance Human Rights, legal protection in the European Community, Transparency in Government, Agencies, Electoral law, Local Government Law, Political Constitutional Law, International Law and the legal consequences of the Digital Era. His handbooks on the Rule of Law and Electoral Law are being used for decades now by a wide range of universities. The Commentary on Dutch Local Government Law he co-edited is the guide for many scholars and practitioners.

He also delivered several courses on the above-mentioned subjects in the Netherlands, China, Indonesia, UK, USA, Surinam and South Africa. He is Extraordinary professor at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town

In the past he was a part time judge in the District Courts of Arnhem and Utrecht. Of his current activities are worth mentionable: Chairman of the Dutch Electoral Council, Chairman of the Complaints Committee of the ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Sports; Member of the Governmental Advisory Committee on Human Rights in the Digital Era; Member of the Governmental Advisory Committee for the Development of the Council of the Judiciary; Member of the Governmental Advisory Committee on Liability of the State; Member of the Board of Studies of the Human Rights School and Member of the Editorial Board of several Legal Journals.

From the 1st of September 2008 till the 1st of September 2014 was is the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance of Utrecht University.The same university awarded him a Distinguished University Professorship in 2015.