First Memorial Lecture

Above: From left to right: Prof. Nico Steytler (Director of CLC), Prof. Najma Moosa (Dean of Law Faculty), Mr Bulelani Ngcuka (Keynote speaker), Mrs Farieda Omar (wife of the late Adv. Dullah Omar), Prof. Renfrew Christie (Dean of Research, Chairperson of CLC Board) and Prof. Brian O’ Connell (Rector of UWC)


  • Mr Bulelani Ngcuka
  • Former Deputy Director, Community Law Centre
  • Former National Director of Public Prosecutions

Mr Bulelani Ngcuka spoke about the big challenge that the late Adv. Dullah Omar had faced of transforming the criminal justice system, as the first Minister of Justice of the new democratic South Africa. One of the ways transformation occurred was through the National Prosecuting Authority.

According to Mr Ngcuka’s speech, "The Constitution and the new National Prosecuting Authority Act, therefore, gave us as a country, under the leadership of Dullah Omar, a unique opportunity to curve out a new role and vision for a prosecuting authority operating within a democratic state. This has given us an opportunity to create an entirely new, credible and legitimate prosecuting authority."