Dullah Omar Institute calls on society to defend our democracy

While section 91(2) of the Constitution makes it clear that the President appoints and may dismiss ministers and deputy-Ministers, the Institute wants to register serious concerns surrounding yesterday’s replacement of ten ministers and ten deputy-ministers. The President must uphold, defend and respect the Constitution and promote the unity of the Nation.

South Africa needs a stable, functional and prosperous state in order to combat inequality and underdevelopment. In this context good governance and human rights are inextricably linked and mutually reinforcing. We have no chance of realising the rights contained in the Bill of Rights without a stable, functional and prosperous state that is committed to the Constitution. In the absence of any cogent explanation related to strategy or performance, the conclusion that the changes were made as a result of undue influence by special interests is hard to avoid.

This is an issue of great concern as it signals that our state institutions and thus our constitutional democracy, for which people like Dullah Omar fought so hard, is under threat. We call on all sectors of society to use their democratic rights to defend our democracy.

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