A Research Report on the Legal Recognition of Paralegals in Africa: Lessons, Challenges and Good Practices

This report is the outcome of a joint research project by the Dullah Omar Institute, University of the Western Cape, and the African Centre of Excellence for Access to Justice in Africa. Paralegals play a critical role in providing legal support and ensuring access to justice for the community, work which they do in the face of numerous challenges. Some of the factors that inhibit access to justice are poverty, illiteracy, the bureaucratic nature of legal systems, and delays in the administration of justice. This executive summary outlines the methodology, findings, and recommendations of the study. This study aims to document the role, functions, challenges and regulation of paralegals in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. It has been conducted in conjunction with the ACE-AJ, and it documents good practices that can be replicated in other African countries.