Volume 5, Issue 4, September 2003.

Municipal Services- Public-Private Partneships.

Public-private partneships (PPP's) are another form of an external service delivery mechanism that municipalities may consider using. Government currently views PPP's as an alternative service delivery mechanism that could be used to address the deteriorating condition of public infrastructure and avert the escalating cost of rehabilitating state assets.

From the Courts: When are evictions just and equitable?

Before an eviction order can be granted a court needs to determine whether it is just and equitable to do so in terms of section 26 of the Constitution by considering all the circumstances of each case, including the rights and needs of the elderly, children, disabled persons and households headed by woman.

Co-Operative Government at Work.

Earlier this year, the City of Cape Town entered into an innovative public -public partnership with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. This is a good illustration of co-operative government principles at work to ensure effective service delivery.

How gender sensitive is your municipality?

Local government is now expected to play a proactive role in the social, economic, and material development of local communities. This means it is an sphere of government for women and for gender equity, as it has the potential to transform woman's lives by providing services such as water, sanitation, clinics, child care facilities, roads and transport.