Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2000

Facilitating the Transition: Section 14 (5) Committees

The formation of interim forums, commissions or committees is one of the key measures MEC's are taking to facilitate the transition to the new dispensation. Such a structure has already been established for the Cape Metropolitan area and transformation forums for the new district municipalities in the Western Cape are to be established this month. Similar processes are under way in other provinces as well.

Getting the Numbers Right: Wards and Councillors

The Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998, in accordance with section 157 (4) of the Constitution, instructs the Municipal Demarcation Board to delimit all metropolitan municipalities and all local municipalities that should have wards into wards, after consultation with the Electoral Commission.

The Right to Housing: The Judgment-Grootboom vs Oostenberg Municipality

The limits of section 26 of the Constitution ( the right to access to adequate housing) and section 28 (1) (c) (children's right to shelter) were recently tested in the case of Grootboom and Others v Oostenberg Municipality, Cape Metropolitan Council, Premier of the Province of the Western Cape, National Housing Board, and Government of the Republic of South Africa.

The Role of the IEC in the upcoming Local Government Elections

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is an institution established in terms of Chapter 9 of the Constitution and mandated to manage elections at all spheres of government, including local government. The IEC is a permanent body, unlike its predecessor, with its Head Office in Pretoria, 9 provincial offices and Local Electorate Officers at municipal level.