Volume 18, Issue 1, March 2023

Coalitions in local government: ideas for law reform

Coalition politics in local government, particularly in some of the country’s metropolitan municipalities continues to dominate the news for all the wrong reasons. This article offers reflections on coalition politics, and ideas for law reform to further the debate on what role, if any, the law can play in ensuring that governance in so-called “hung councils” improves.

Municipal managers must leave politics to councillors

After the 2021 local government elections, politicians have been fighting to control city councils where there is no outright majority. Mayors and speakers have been elected, and removed, on a regular basis. In this turmoil, municipal managers risk become entangled in politics

Human Settlements in the 2023/24 Budget

Increasing 4.4% to R34.9 billion in 2023/24, the budget of the National Department of Human Settlements serves as the primary means for government to achieve its goal of integrated, sustainable human settlements. The new budget allocates R14.9 billion for the Human Settlements Development Grant (HSDG), while the Urban Settlements Development Grant (USDG) increases to R8.15 billion and the ISUPG to R8.6 billion.

Using a section 106 inquiry to investigate theft?

Section 106 of the Municipal Systems Act of 2000 empowers the MEC for local government to request information or to appoint an investigator(s) if he or she has reason to believe that “maladministration fraud, corruption or any other serious malpractice has occurred or is occurring in a municipality”.

Composing selection panels to appoint senior managers in municipalities

The law provides that senior managers in municipalities must have the requisite skills to perform. It further prescribes the procedure for appointing senior managers, including the appointment of selection panels to recruit and select candidates. Appointments made outside these rules are invalid.